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Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year: Year 1 to 100

Every anniversary is a chance to celebrate your journey—a journey filled with ups and downs, but most importantly, love that’s grown stronger with time.

What sets these couples apart is their commitment to marking each milestone with thoughtful gestures. Let’s go through the years, from the first to the hundredth anniversary, offering gift ideas that capture the essence of each stage of your relationship.


Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Celebrating Love Through the Ages


Year 1 – Paper Anniversary

Congratulations on completing your first year of marriage! The paper anniversary symbolizes the blank canvas upon which your love story is written.

Gift ideas: A personalized artwork, a handwritten love letter, or a beautifully bound journal.


Year 2 – Cotton

Soft and versatile, cotton symbolizes the comfort and warmth that comes with the second year of marriage, as the couple grows closer and more intertwined.

Gift ideas: Matching cotton pajamas, cozy throw blankets, custom embroidered towels.


Year 3 – Leather

Durable and resilient, leather signifies the strength of the marriage bond, as well as the flexibility and adaptability required to navigate life’s challenges together.

Gift ideas: Leather wallet or purse, engraved leather keychain, a stylish leather-bound journal.


Year 4 – Fruit or Flowers

Representing the blossoming of the relationship, fruit and flowers symbolize the beauty and abundance that comes with nurturing love over time. 

Gift ideas: A fruit basket delivery, bouquet of favorite flowers, planting a fruit tree together.


Year 5 – Wood

Strong and enduring, wood represents the solid foundation of the marriage, as well as the growth and stability achieved in the first five years together.

Gift ideas: Handcrafted wooden jewelry, personalized cutting board, a weekend getaway to a cozy cabin.


Year 6 – Iron

Symbolizing the fortitude and durability of the relationship, iron represents the strength and resilience needed to weather the ups and downs of married life.

Gift ideas: Iron sculpture or artwork, cast iron cookware, a personalized iron sign for your home.


Year 7 – Wool or Copper

Wool provides warmth and comfort, while copper symbolizes beauty and strength. Together, they represent the warmth and beauty of a marriage that continues to grow stronger with each passing year.

Gift ideas: Warm wool blanket, copper mugs for cozy nights in, a wool sweater or scarf.


Year 8 – Bronze

A metal alloy made from copper and tin, bronze symbolizes the blending of two individual lives into a unified partnership, as well as the strength and durability of the relationship.

Gift ideas: Bronze sculpture for your garden, personalized bronze anniversary plaque, antique bronze home decor.


Year 9: Pottery

Symbolizing the malleability and creativity of marriage, pottery represents the couple’s ability to shape and mold their life together into something beautiful and unique.

Gift ideas: Pottery-making class together, handmade ceramic dinnerware set, personalized pottery vase.


Year 10 – Tin or Aluminum

These metals symbolize the durability and flexibility of marriage, as well as the ability to withstand the tests of time and emerge stronger than ever.

Gift ideas: Tin anniversary photo frame, aluminum cookware set, custom tin or aluminum jewelry.


Year 11 – Steel

Symbolizing the strength and resilience of the marriage, steel represents the unyielding bond between partners as they face challenges and obstacles together, emerging stronger and more united.

Gift ideas: Personalized steel wallet insert engraved with a special message.


Year 12 – Silk or Linen

Luxurious and delicate, silk or linen represents the smooth and elegant journey of marriage, as well as the comfort and warmth that comes from sharing life’s moments with a loved one.

Gift ideas: Luxurious silk pajamas or a set of high-quality linen sheets.


Year 13 – Lace

Intricate and delicate, lace symbolizes the intricate beauty of marriage, as well as the depth of the connection between partners that becomes more intricate and intertwined with each passing year.

Gift Ideas: Delicate lace lingerie or a lace-trimmed photo album for cherished memories.


Year 14 – Ivory

Rare and precious, ivory symbolizes the rarity and preciousness of a marriage that has stood the test of time, as well as the wisdom and grace that come with maturity and experience.

Gift ideas: Ivory-colored picture frame or a handmade ivory-inspired decorative item.


Year 15 – Crystal

Clear and sparkling, crystal symbolizes the clarity and transparency of a marriage built on honesty, trust, and communication, as well as the beauty and brilliance that comes from a love that shines brightly.

Gift ideas: Elegant crystal vase or a set of crystal wine glasses for special occasions.


Year 20 – China

Delicate and refined, china symbolizes the elegance and sophistication of a marriage that has matured over two decades, as well as the timeless beauty and enduring quality of love that grows more precious with time.

Gift ideas: Fine china dinnerware set, a decorative porcelain figurine, or a romantic getaway to a destination known for its fine ceramics.


Year 25: Silver

Shimmering and timeless, silver symbolizes the enduring purity and radiance of a love that has lasted a quarter of a century, as well as the strength and resilience required to navigate life’s challenges together.

Gift ideas: Sterling silver jewelry or a silver-plated keepsake box.


Year 30: Pearl

Luminescent and precious, pearls symbolize the rare and exquisite beauty of a marriage that has weathered thirty years of life’s ebbs and flows, as well as the wisdom and depth of love that grows richer with each passing year.

Gift ideas: Classic pearl necklace or a set of pearl earrings.


Year 40: Ruby

Rich and vibrant, ruby symbolizes the passion and intensity of a love that has flourished over four decades, as well as the deep emotional connection and commitment that continues to burn brightly.

Get ideas: Stunning ruby ring or a ruby-colored decorative piece for the home.


Year 50: Gold

Glowing and enduring, gold symbolizes the timeless beauty and value of a love that has spanned half a century, as well as the richness and depth of a partnership built on shared memories, experiences, and dreams.

Gift ideas: Gold watch or a personalized gold pendant.


Year 60: Diamond

Sparkling and unbreakable, diamond symbolizes the rare and enduring strength of a love that has endured sixty years of life’s joys and sorrows, as well as the timeless beauty and brilliance of a relationship that continues to shine brightly.

Gift ideas: Diamond anniversary band or a diamond-studded picture frame.


Year 70: Platinum

Precious and resilient, platinum symbolizes the enduring strength and resilience of a love that has stood the test of seventy years, as well as the rare and precious bond between partners that continues to grow stronger with time.

Gift ideas: Platinum watch or a platinum-trimmed photo album.


Year 80: Oak

Strong and enduring, oak symbolizes the steadfast and unyielding strength of a love that has weathered eighty years of life’s challenges, as well as the deep roots and enduring legacy of a partnership built on a solid foundation of commitment and devotion.

Gift ideas: Handcrafted oak furniture piece or an oak tree planted in honor of the anniversary.


Year 90: Granite

Solid and enduring, granite symbolizes the enduring strength and resilience of a love that has endured ninety years of life’s trials and tribulations, as well as the steadfast commitment and unwavering devotion that have stood the test of time.

Gift ideas: Engraved granite garden bench or a granite sculpture for the home.


Year 100: 10-Carat Diamond

Magnificent and rare, a 10-carat diamond symbolizes the extraordinary achievement of reaching one hundred years of marriage, as well as the enduring brilliance and timeless beauty of a love that has spanned a lifetime.

Gift ideas: Special commemorative item with a 10-carat diamond accent, such as a diamond-encrusted photo frame or a diamond-adorned piece of jewelry.


As you plan your next anniversary celebration, remember to cherish the moments and honor the love that has brought you this far. And for those looking to add a touch of floral elegance to their anniversary celebrations, Bourkes Florist offers exquisite flower arrangements and delivery services that perfectly complement any special occasion. Explore our collection today



Q: What Do You Get a Couple Who Has Everything?

Consider gifts that offer unique experiences or personalized touches for the couple who has everything. Experience gifts, such as a cooking class, wine tasting, or a weekend getaway, provide memorable moments that material items cannot. Personalized gifts, like custom artwork, a photo book of memories, or a subscription box tailored to their interests, also make thoughtful choices. The key is to give something that reflects the couple’s personalities and adds value to their life together beyond material possessions.

Q: Are These Traditional Anniversary Gifts Still Relevant Today?

While modern couples may opt for more personalized or contemporary gifts, traditional anniversary gifts remain significant and add a timeless touch to celebrations.

Q: What if I Want to Combine Traditional and Modern Gift Ideas?

Feel free to blend traditional themes with modern interpretations to create a unique and meaningful gift that reflects your relationship and personal style.

Q: What if I’m on a Budget?

There are plenty of thoughtful and affordable gift options available, such as DIY projects, heartfelt gestures, or experiences that create lasting memories without breaking the bank.

Q: Can I Celebrate Milestone Anniversaries With Family and Friends?

Absolutely! Milestone anniversaries, such as the silver, golden, or platinum, are perfect occasions to gather loved ones for a joyous celebration and share the love and happiness that have defined your journey together.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year: Year 1 to 100

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