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Mother's Day 2024

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About Us

About Bourkes Florist:

Nurturing Nature’s Beauty Since 1978.

In 1978, nestled in the heart of Armidale, NSW, Bourkes Florist and Gift Centre sprouted its roots. With a rich history and a deep passion for floristry, our store stood as a beacon of joy, love, and celebration for countless moments in the lives of our community.

As time passed, the original Bourkes Florist and Gift Centre chapter drew to a close when it was sold and later closed. But, like the resilient flowers we adore so much, Bourkes Florist has blossomed once again, reborn from its original legacy. This time, we’re embracing the digital age with our online only flower ordering platform.


Bourkes Florist Today

The legacy of Bourkes Florist lives on, powered by the same family passion that started it all. While we no longer have a physical storefront, our online presence is stronger than ever. We are proud to have transitioned into a purely digital platform, ensuring we can reach and spread joy to more people, irrespective of borders or boundaries.

In our endeavor to provide you with the most exquisite flowers and seamless service, we’ve partnered with the renowned Petals Flower network. This collaboration ensures that every bouquet, arrangement, or gift you order from Bourkes Florist is of the highest quality, crafted with love and delivered with care.


We’re Re-Inventing the Flower Industry by Doing Things the Bourkes Florist Way


Seamless Ordering Experience

At our flower shop, we prioritize your convenience. Our user-friendly online platform and streamlined ordering process make it incredibly easy for you to choose and customize your ideal bouquet.


Innovative Partner

Elevate your gifting moments with our bespoke flower arrangements. Our skilled partner florists specialize in creating custom designs that perfectly capture your sentiments and preferences.


Prompt and Thoughtful Delivery

Experience the joy of timely and thoughtful flower delivery. Our commitment to punctuality ensures that your carefully chosen bouquet arrives exactly when you want it to.


Tradition Meets Modernity

Bridging the timeless charm of our 1978 origins with today’s digital ease, Bourkes Florist provides a unique blend of the old and new. Dive into an experience that marries our rich history with modern shopping convenience.


Quality Assurance

Our collaboration with the esteemed Petals Flower network ensures that each flower, bouquet, or arrangement you receive is fresh, vibrant, and of top-notch quality. When you choose Bourkes, you’re choosing unparalleled excellence.


Family Legacy

The heart and soul of Bourkes Florist remain unchanged. While our methods have evolved, our family-driven dedication to bringing joy through flowers is as fervent as it was back in 1978. Rediscover the warmth of the Bourkes touch.

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