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Flowers and 17 Other Creative Gender Reveal Gift Ideas

Gender Reveal Parties

Gender reveal ideas


Gender reveal parties have become a cherished tradition for expectant parents, transforming the moment of discovering their baby’s gender into a joyous celebration shared with family and friends. These gatherings are marked by anticipation and excitement as parents-to-be eagerly announce whether they are expecting a boy or a girl. One integral component that adds to the overall allure of these parties is the concept of gender reveal gifts.


Traditional Gender Reveal Gifts


Traditional Gender Reveal Gifts


When it comes to gender reveal parties, traditional gender-specific gifts have long been a staple. These classic gifts often revolve around the iconic colour scheme of pink and blue, signifying the expected gender of the baby. While some may argue that these gifts lack novelty, there’s no denying their timeless appeal and the comfort they bring to parents who appreciate tradition.


The Classics: Pink and Blue Clothing

One of the most recognizable and cherished gender reveal gifts is clothing that aligns with the expected gender. For baby girls, you’ll find adorable pink dresses, onesies, and tiny shoes. Conversely, for baby boys, you can opt for blue outfits, tiny suits, and sports-themed apparel. These gifts not only symbolize gender but also allow parents to envision their little ones in these charming ensembles.


Pros and Cons of Traditional Gifts


  • Readily Available: Traditional gender-specific clothing and items are easy to find, making them a convenient choice for last-minute shoppers.
  • Nostalgia: Many parents appreciate the nostalgia associated with classic gender reveal gifts, as they harken back to cherished traditions.


  • Lack of Uniqueness: Traditional gifts may lack the uniqueness and personal touch that some gift-givers desire for such a special occasion.
  • Limited Use: Clothing, in particular, can be outgrown quickly, which may reduce the long-term value of the gift.

Unique Twists on Traditional Gifts

For those who wish to infuse a touch of creativity into their gender-reveal gifts while maintaining a connection to tradition, there are several unique twists to consider:

  • Customized Clothing: Explore personalised clothing options that feature the baby’s name or a heartfelt message. This adds a special touch to the gift, making it more meaningful and memorable.
  • Gender-Neutral Variations: In an era where gender-neutral parenting is increasingly popular, consider gender-neutral clothing in soothing pastel colours or earth tones. These gifts are not only inclusive but also versatile.
  • Sibling Gifts: Don’t forget the siblings-to-be. Consider including gender-specific clothing or toys for older siblings to celebrate their new role as a big brother or sister.

17 Creative Gender Reveal Gift Ideas


Gender Reveal Gift Ideas


Gender reveal parties are all about creating memorable moments, and one of the best ways to do that is by offering a unique and creative gender reveal gift. Whether you’re the host looking to surprise the parents-to-be or a guest wanting to contribute to the celebration, these 17 creative gender reveal gift ideas will add an extra layer of excitement to the party:


Personalised Keepsakes

1.Custom Artwork: Commission a piece of custom artwork that includes the baby’s name, birthdate, or a heartfelt message. This can serve as a beautiful keepsake for the nursery.

2. Engraved Jewelry: Consider personalised jewellery like a necklace with the baby’s initials or a bracelet with the baby’s birthstone. These items can be cherished for years to come.

3. Monogrammed Baby Items: Opt for monogrammed baby essentials such as blankets, bibs, or onesies. These items not only look adorable but also have sentimental value.


Edible Delights

4. Gender Reveal Cake: Surprise everyone with a gender reveal cake featuring a coloured interior that corresponds to the baby’s gender. The moment of cutting the cake will be a highlight of the party.

5. Gender Reveal Desserts: Extend the sweetness with gender reveal cupcakes, cookies, or cake pops, each concealing the secret of the baby’s gender inside.

6. Edible Gift Baskets: Put together a gift basket filled with gourmet chocolates, candies, or snacks that align with the chosen colour for the gender reveal.

7. Eco-Friendly Gifts & Baby Products: Choose environmentally-conscious baby products like organic cotton clothing, biodegradable diapers, and non-toxic baby care items.

8. Reusable Diapers: Consider gifting a set of high-quality, reusable cloth diapers that not only reduce waste but also save the parents money in the long run.

9. Sustainable Nursery Items: Look for nursery items made from sustainable materials, such as bamboo crib sheets, wooden toys, and eco-friendly nursery decor.


DIY Gender Reveal Gifts


DIY Gender Reveal Gifts


10. Hand-Painted Onesies: Design and paint custom onesies with adorable gender-neutral or gender-specific motifs that celebrate the baby’s impending arrival.

11. Memory Book: Craft a handmade memory book where parents can document their journey from pregnancy to parenthood. Include prompts, pockets for ultrasound images, and space for notes.


Technology-Driven Gifts

12. Gender Reveal Apps: Consider gifting a subscription to a gender reveal app, where parents can create and share their gender reveal moment virtually with friends and family.

13. Smart Baby Monitors: Invest in a high-quality smart baby monitor that offers features like video streaming, two-way audio, and night vision, ensuring the baby’s safety and comfort.

14. Baby Tracker Apps: Provide access to a top-rated baby tracker app that helps parents keep tabs on feedings, diaper changes, and sleep schedules, making those early months a bit easier.


Books and Learning Materials

15. Gender-Neutral Books: Offer a selection of gender-neutral children’s books that promote inclusivity and diversity, emphasizing the importance of reading from an early age.

16. Educational Toys and Subscriptions: Gift educational toys or subscriptions to services that offer age-appropriate learning materials, fostering the baby’s cognitive development.

17. Flower Gifts: Flower gifts for a gender reveal party offer a unique and charming way to announce the awaited news. By choosing blooms in traditional pink or blue, or opting for a mix of colours for a surprise, these floral arrangements create a memorable and picturesque moment. They add a touch of natural beauty to the celebration, symbolizing new beginnings and the blooming of a new life.

Flowers: A Timeless Gender Reveal Gift


Flowers: A Timeless Gender Reveal Gift


Flowers are rich in symbolism, and when chosen thoughtfully, they can convey the essence of a gender reveal celebration. Here’s how:

  • Pink and Blue Flowers: Selecting bouquets or arrangements featuring pink and blue flowers adds an element of anticipation. These colours playfully hint at the baby’s gender while maintaining an air of mystery until the big reveal.
  • Multicoloured Bouquets: For those who prefer to keep the gender a secret until the reveal moment, multicoloured flower arrangements, blending various shades, offer an exciting and inclusive approach. They symbolize unity and the joy of welcoming a new life, regardless of gender.
  • Seasonal Blooms: Consider incorporating seasonal flowers into your gift. Spring might bring tulips and daffodils, while summer offers vibrant sunflowers and hydrangeas. The choice of seasonal blooms adds a touch of freshness to the celebration.

Flowers for Gender Reveal Gifts

During a gender reveal, choosing the right flowers can add an extra layer of excitement and beauty to the occasion. Here are some types of flowers that are perfect for this event:

  • Roses: Classic and elegant, roses are a popular choice. Pink roses for a girl and blue or white roses for a boy can make a strong statement.
  • Hydrangeas: These lush blooms come in shades of pink, blue, and purple, making them ideal for a gender reveal. The large, round shape of their flower heads adds a dramatic touch.
  • Tulips: Available in a variety of colours, tulips are a sweet and graceful option. Pink, purple, and white tulips can be used to hint at the baby’s gender or keep guests guessing.
  • Carnations: These versatile flowers are available in numerous colours, including pink and light blue. They’re long-lasting and can be used in arrangements or as part of a centrepiece.
  • Peonies: With their full, lush blooms, peonies in pink or white are a beautiful choice for a more opulent gender reveal.
  • Lilies: Symbolic and striking, lilies in pink or white can add an exotic touch to your gender-reveal decor.
  • Gerbera Daisies: Cheerful and bright, Gerbera daisies come in a rainbow of colors and are perfect for a fun, casual event.
  • Bluebells: If you’re revealing a boy, bluebells are a delicate and charming choice that literally brings the ‘blue’ in a natural and beautiful way.
  • Chrysanthemums: Available in various colours, these full-bodied flowers can create a lush and colourful display.
  • Lavender: For a more subtle approach, lavender’s soft purple hue can be a lovely, fragrant addition that doesn’t give away the gender too obviously.

Considerations When Choosing a Gender Reveal Gift




Selecting the perfect gender reveal gift involves more than just picking a cute item off the shelf. To ensure your gift is thoughtful, meaningful, and well-received, consider the following factors:


1. Parent’s Preference

Find out if the parents have expressed any preferences or desires related to the baby’s gender or gifts. Some parents may have strong feelings about specific colours, themes, or items.


2. Lifestyle

Think about the parents’ lifestyle and living arrangements. Are they urban dwellers in small apartments or suburban homeowners with ample space? Gifts should align with their living situation.


3. Practicality

Choose gifts that are practical and will be of use to the parents once the baby arrives. Diapers, baby wipes, and baby care essentials are always practical choices.


4. Gender-Neutral Options

Consider gender-neutral gifts if the parents have chosen not to reveal the baby’s gender until birth. This way, your gift remains inclusive and suitable regardless of the outcome.


5. Personalisation

Whenever possible, add a personal touch to your gift. Personalised items with the baby’s name, initials, or birthdate can make the gift feel more special.


6. Cultural Sensitivity

Be mindful of the family’s cultural background and beliefs. Some cultures have specific customs and traditions related to gender and baby gifts.


7. Theme and Decor

Consider the theme and decor of the gender reveal party. Try to align your gift with the chosen theme to enhance the overall experience.


8. Budget

Determine your budget for the gift. While it’s the thought that counts, it’s essential to choose a gift that fits comfortably within your financial means.


9. Sustainability

If environmental consciousness is important to the parents, consider eco-friendly and sustainable gift options. These may include organic clothing or wooden toys.


10. Long-Term Value

Think about the long-term value of your gift. Will it be something the family can cherish for years to come, or is it likely to be outgrown quickly?


11. Safety

Ensure that any items you choose are safe for babies and meet safety standards. Avoid items with small parts that could be a choking hazard.


12. Practicality for Parents

Select items that are easy for parents to use and maintain, especially during those first hectic months of parenthood.


13. Gift Presentation

Pay attention to the presentation of your gift. Thoughtful packaging and a heartfelt card can make a significant difference in how your gift is received.


14. Gift Cards and Registries

If the parents have a gift registry, check it to see if there are specific items they’ve requested. Gift cards to stores they’ve registered with can also be an excellent choice.


15. The Surprise Element

If you’re hosting the gender reveal party and want to keep the gender a secret until the big reveal, make sure your gift aligns with the surprise element of the party.




gender reveal party


Gender reveal parties are a time of joy, anticipation, and the celebration of new beginnings. Gender reveal gifts are not merely presents; they are expressions of love and support for expectant parents as they embark on the incredible journey of parenthood. Whether you opt for a traditional gift, the timeless charm of a bouquet, or one of the creative and thoughtful gift ideas we’ve explored, remember that your choice reflects your thoughtfulness and connection with the growing family.

To make your gender reveal gift even more special, consider a selection of fresh flowers from Bourkes Florist. Our range of beautiful floral arrangements can add an extra touch of beauty and sentiment to your gift. So, why wait? Order your flowers today!



Q: What is a gender reveal party, and why are gifts important?

A gender reveal party is a celebration where expectant parents announce the sex of their baby to friends and family. Gifts are important as they symbolize shared happiness and provide parents with useful items for their upcoming journey into parenthood.


Q: Are there any gender-neutral gift options?

Yes, there are plenty of gender-neutral gift options, including eco-friendly baby products, nursery decor in neutral colours, and educational toys suitable for any child.


Q: What are some DIY gender reveal gift ideas?

DIY gender reveal gift ideas include handmade baby blankets, hand-painted onesies, and custom artwork that you create yourself.


Q: How can I ensure the gift I choose is meaningful to the parents-to-be?

To choose a meaningful gift, consider the parents’ preferences, lifestyle, and any hints they may have dropped about what they need or want for the baby.


Q: What are some unique gender reveal gifts for tech-savvy parents?

Tech-savvy parents will appreciate gifts like gender reveal apps, smart baby monitors, and other innovative gadgets that make parenting easier and more enjoyable.


Q: Can you recommend gender-reveal gift ideas for a tight budget?

If you’re on a tight budget, consider DIY gifts, personalised keepsakes, or small, meaningful items that show your thoughtfulness without breaking the bank.

Flowers and 17 Other Creative Gender Reveal Gift Ideas

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