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When and How Should I Use Purple Flowers in Wedding Decor?

The Symbolism of Purple Flowers in Weddings

Purple Flowers in Weddings

Purple, often associated with royalty, luxury, and sophistication, has a deep-rooted symbolism in wedding decor. It represents dignity, pride, and success – making it an ideal choice for couples looking to add a sense of majesty to their wedding. The colour also resonates with spirituality and magic, providing a mystical backdrop to a day filled with love and celebration. Incorporating purple flowers is not just about aesthetics; it’s about bringing these rich symbolic meanings to life in your wedding.


When to Use Purple Flowers in Your Wedding

Purple Flowers in Your Wedding

Seasonal Considerations

The choice of purple flowers can depend significantly on your wedding season. Spring offers many options like lilacs and lavenders, which bring a soft, romantic touch.

Summer weddings can feature brighter purples like irises and gladiolus, adding vibrancy and energy.

For fall, deeper purples like dahlias or late-season hydrangeas can resonate with the season’s warmth and richness.

Winter weddings can focus on rich, velvety purples like anemones or pansies, which pair beautifully with the season’s subdued elegance.


Wedding Theme and Style

Purple flowers adapt beautifully to various wedding themes. For romantic or vintage pieces, soft purple hues like lavender and dusty purple bring a classic, timeless feel. Modern weddings can experiment with bold and bright purples, creating a contemporary and chic ambience. Rustic weddings benefit from the earthy, natural shades of purple in wildflowers, adding an organic touch to the decor.


Choosing the Right Shade of Purple

Choosing Different Shade of Purple

Light Purple Flowers

Light purple flowers, like lilacs and lavender, evoke serenity and grace. They are perfect for spring and summer weddings, lending a fresh and airy feel. These shades are suitable for outdoor or daytime weddings, where their delicate beauty can be appreciated in natural light.


Dark Purple Flowers

Dark purple flowers, such as violets and deep purple roses, offer a sense of depth and luxury. They are ideal for evening or indoor weddings where their richness can create an intimate, sophisticated atmosphere. These darker tones add drama and elegance to winter weddings or formal events.


Popular Purple Flowers for Weddings

Popular Purple Flowers for Weddings

Some of the most beloved purple flowers for weddings include:

  • Lavender: Known for its calming scent and rustic charm.
  • Lilacs: Symbolise the innocence of first love.
  • Orchids: Orchids bring an exotic and modern touch.


Creative Ways to Use Purple Flowers at Weddings

Creative Ways to Incorporate Purple Flowers in Wedding Decor

Ceremony Decor

Purple flowers can line the aisle for a regal entrance during the ceremony or adorn the altar for a magnificent backdrop. They can also be used in arches or pergolas, creating a stunning focal point for exchanging vows.

Reception Decor

For the reception, consider purple floral centrepieces, which can range from tall, dramatic arrangements to simple, understated bouquets. Draping and hanging floral installations can also significantly impact, especially in indoor settings.

Bridal Party Accessories

Purple flowers in bridal bouquets can dictate the wedding’s colour theme. They can be mixed with other colours for a vibrant palette or used alone for a more monochromatic look. Similarly, corsages and boutonnieres can incorporate purple hues to unify the bridal party’s look.


Professional Tips When Working with a Florist

Communicate your vision clearly to your florist, including any specific purple flowers you desire. Discuss the overall theme of your wedding and any colour palettes you’re considering. Ensure that they understand the mood and style you’re aiming to achieve with your floral arrangements.



Buy Your Purple Flowers at Bourkes Florist

At Bourkes Florist, we understand the importance of every detail when it comes to your celebration. That’s why we take pride in offering a wide array of premium purple flowers to suit any taste and style. Whether you’re planning a wedding, anniversary, or any other special event, let us help you make it an occasion to remember. Shop now!




Q: How can I incorporate purple flowers into my wedding theme?

Purple flowers can be used in various aspects of wedding decor, such as bouquets, centrepieces, aisle decorations, and even in the hair accessories for the bridal party. They pair well with both pastel and bold colour palettes.

Q: What colours pair well with purple flowers in wedding decor?

Purple flowers go well with white, cream, gold, silver, and green. For a more vibrant palette, they can also be paired with pink, yellow, or blue.

Q: Are there seasonal considerations for using purple flowers?

Yes, some purple flowers are seasonal. For instance, lilacs are typically available in spring, while some orchids and irises can be found year-round. It’s important to consult with a florist about seasonal availability.


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