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10 Popular Flowers That Symbolise Friendship

Frienship Flowers Meaning

Flowers Representing Friends

When it comes to expressing the deep bond of friendship, flowers can often speak louder than words. Each bloom, with its unique beauty and fragrance, carries a special meaning that can beautifully symbolise the various facets of friendship. From the unbreakable bonds of long-time companions to the budding connections of new acquaintances, these top 10 flowers are perfect embodiments of camaraderie, trust, and affection. Whether you’re looking to celebrate a cherished friend or simply want to show appreciation, these flowers are ideal for conveying heartfelt sentiments and strengthening the ties of friendship.


The Top 10 Flowers That Represent Friendship

Yellow Rose


Yellow Rose – The Quintessential Emblem of Friendship

When it comes to symbolising friendship, no flower does it quite like the yellow rose. It is a beacon of platonic love, joy, and caring.

Varieties and Occasions

The sunny hue of the yellow rose makes it perfect for celebrating friendships on any occasion. From the pale buttery tones to the deep golds, each shade offers a bright reminder of the joys of friendship.

Historical Anecdotes and Cultural References

Historically, the yellow rose also signified jealousy and infidelity. However, over time, the meaning has evolved to represent only the positive aspects, likely due to the cheery colour. In literature and songs, the yellow rose frequently appears as a symbol of the warmth and loyalty of close companions.


Chrysanthemums – The Multicultural Symbol of Loyalty


In both Asia and America, chrysanthemums are cherished as symbols of friendship and well-wishing.

Different Colours and Their Meanings

While the chrysanthemum generally signifies loyalty, different colours can carry their unique meanings. Red can denote love, white symbolises truth, and yellow, though traditionally associated with slighted love, is often used to signify neglected friendship.

Chrysanthemums in Art and Literature

The chrysanthemum is a storied flower, appearing in art and literature as a representation of the character of a good friend – steadfast, reliable, and honest.


Alstroemeria – The Bond of Mutual Support


Often known as the Peruvian Lily or Lily of the Incas, the alstroemeria represents the enduring nature of friendship.

Growing Alstroemeria

These hardy blooms are as resilient as they are beautiful, symbolising the strength and support found in a true friend. They grow in a variety of conditions, echoing the adaptability and endurance of friendships that last through life’s trials.

Alstroemeria in Modern Bouquets

The striking patterns of alstroemeria make them a popular choice for friendship bouquets, representing the intricacies and depth of the bond between close friends.


Freesia – Trust and Thoughtfulness Embodied


The sweet fragrance of freesia is often linked with trust, innocence, and thoughtfulness – qualities synonymous with friendship.

Freesia’s Fragrance and Popularity

The freesia’s appealing scent and diverse colours make it a favourite in friendship bouquets, perfumes, and even as a subject in aromatherapy, where it’s used to evoke the comforting presence of a friend.

Gift Ideas Incorporating Freesias

A bouquet of freesias can be a thoughtful gift, symbolising the trust and purity in a friendship, and is often given in appreciation of a friend’s considerate actions.


Sunflowers – Radiance and Admiration


The sunflower, turning its head towards the sun, is a symbol of adoration and loyalty, much like a steadfast friend who offers support and positivity.

Sunflowers in the Garden

In a garden, sunflowers stand tall and proud, reminiscent of a supportive friend who uplifts and encourages you to reach for your sunlight.

Sunflowers as Gifts and Decor

As a gift, sunflowers bring a burst of joy to any space, symbolising the cheerful moments shared between friends.


Zinnia – Memories and Lasting Affection


Zinnias come in a kaleidoscope of colours and are often given to remember absent friends, signifying an affection that persists despite distance or separation.

Cultivating Zinnias

Easy to grow, zinnias are akin to those friendships that flourish without fuss, full of colour and vibrancy.

The Language of Zinnias in Floriography

In the Victorian language of flowers, zinnias hold a place of honour for remembering friends and the happy memories shared.


Iris – Hope and Compliments


The iris, with its unique shape and colours, stands for hope, a common wish among friends, and is also a flower used to convey compliments.

The Mythology Behind Irises

The iris takes its name from the Greek word for rainbow, which is also the name of the Greek goddess who is the messenger of the gods and a link between heaven and earth – much like a friend who provides support and connection.

Iris Arrangements for Friendship

An arrangement of irises can be a sophisticated way to show a friend you recognise their value and have hope for their future.


Daisies – Innocence and New Beginnings


The simple yet enchanting daisy is often associated with purity, innocence, and the freshness of a new beginning.

The Classic Daisy and Its Variants

From the classic Shasta daisy to the colourful Gerbera, the variety of daisies available makes them a versatile choice for symbolising new ventures in a friend’s life or the start of a new chapter in a friendship.

Daisies in Folklore and Common Usage

In folklore, daisies are often connected to themes of innocence and childhood, which can also be reflective of the beginning stages of friendship when everything is new and full of potential.


Hyacinth – Consistency and Playfulness


The hyacinth stands for consistency, a trait that is foundational to friendship, while its playful range of colours also suggests fun and spontaneity.

The Story of Hyacinth

Originating from a Greek myth, the hyacinth is a reminder of joyous play that turned tragic, cautioning friends to cherish and care for each other.

Hyacinth Care and Handling

Taking care of hyacinths can be a bit challenging, but it’s worth the effort, much like nurturing a deep and meaningful friendship.


Gladiolus – Strength of Character and Sincerity


Gladiolus flowers symbolise the strength of character, faithfulness, and honour, mirroring the qualities of a true and sincere friend.

The Gladiolus in the Wild and At Home

These striking flowers, also known as sword lilies, are as bold and dramatic as the gestures of friendship they represent.

Historical Significance and Modern-Day Gladiolus

With roots in African and Mediterranean regions, the gladiolus has been a symbol of friendship in numerous cultures, respected for its towering beauty and the depth of meaning it conveys.


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Q: What Is the Most Common Flower That Symbolises Friendship?

The yellow rose is one of the most common flowers symbolising friendship due to its bright colour and widespread availability.

Q: Can Different Coloured Roses Also Symbolise Friendship?

While yellow is traditionally the colour for friendship, other rose colours can symbolise different aspects of friendship, such as pink for admiration or white for purity and support.

Q: Are There Any Flowers That Symbolise Friendship in All Cultures?

While interpretations can vary, the yellow rose and chrysanthemums are widely recognised as symbols of friendship across many cultures.

Q: How Can I Present Flowers That Symbolise Friendship?

A bouquet is the most common way to present friendship flowers, but you can also give a potted plant to symbolise a growing and enduring friendship.

Q: What Are Some Other Symbols of Friendship Besides Flowers?

Other symbols of friendship include interlocking friendship bracelets, the Claddagh symbol, and the infinity symbol, all representing the lasting nature of a true friendship.

10 Popular Flowers That Symbolise Friendship

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