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7 Tips to Create a Stunning Whimsical Floral Wedding

Why Whimsical Floral Themes Are Trending


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There’s a timeless charm surrounding whimsical floral weddings. The appeal is rooted deeply in the delicate interplay of natural beauty, fantasy, and nostalgia. These events transport guests to an almost fairy-tale-like setting, making the occasion all the more memorable. The essence of creating this allure lies in the meticulous attention to detail and the burst of creativity that pairs well with nature’s own artistry.

Flowers have adorned weddings for centuries, symbolizing various emotions, promises, and blessings. From ancient civilizations to medieval times, flowers represented purity, love, and prosperity. Their intoxicating fragrances, vivid colors, and delicate textures have made them central to many wedding traditions across cultures.

The recent surge in popularity of whimsical floral themes can be attributed to a collective yearning for a touch of fantasy in our fast-paced lives. With influences from fairy tales, literature, and even cinema, the allure of a magical, nature-infused setting offers both escapism and romance. Modern couples want authenticity mixed with dreamy aesthetics, making whimsical floral themes a perfect choice.


Tip #1: Understand Your Floral Color Palette


whimsical weddings


Classic whimsical colors

Whimsical weddings often lean on pastels like lavender, blush pink, and soft blues. These colors evoke a sense of calm, dreaminess, and romanticism, making them staples for this theme.


Choosing complementary shades

Building on your base colors, introduce complementary hues. For instance, if you’re leaning towards lavender, shades of deeper purples or contrasting greens can elevate the palette. Harmony is key, so always aim for colors that naturally blend together.


Seasonal floral choices

Tapping into the season’s bounty not only ensures fresher flowers but also aligns with the timely beauty of nature. Spring might offer tulips and peonies, while summer brings roses and sunflowers. Understand what’s available in your wedding season and harness its full potential.


Tip #2: Incorporate Different Floral Sizes and Shapes


colorful flowers


Big blossoms as focal points

Utilizing large blooms like dahlias, garden roses, or hydrangeas creates stunning focal points in bouquets and arrangements. They demand attention and can fill spaces luxuriously.


Using smaller blooms for details

Incorporate smaller flowers like baby’s breath, wax flowers, or asters to provide detail, depth, and intricacy to your arrangements.


Consider non-traditional floral elements like succulents or ferns

To add uniqueness, blend non-traditional elements such as succulents, which offer interesting textures, or ferns that give a touch of wilderness and free spirit.


Tip #3: Floral Installations


floral wedding canopy


Creating overhead flower clouds or canopies

An overhead installation of hanging flowers creates a surreal, immersive experience. Picture guests dining under a canopy of cascading blooms; it’s whimsy at its best.


Flowing flower walls or backdrops

A floral backdrop acts as a stunning visual anchor, perfect for photo ops, ceremonies, or behind the head table. Think cascading greens intertwined with blossoms of your color palette.


Floral centerpieces with a whimsical touch

Even centerpieces can tell a whimsical tale. Incorporate elements like fairy figurines, moss-covered stones, or even tiny lanterns to evoke a sense of wonder.


Tip #4: Blend in Fairy Lights


wedding venue, garden wedding, fairy lights


Twinkling lights amidst floral arrangements

Intertwine fairy lights with your floral pieces. As day turns to night, the twinkling lights amidst blossoms create a dreamy ambiance, echoing starry skies.


Lighted pathways with petals and candles

Illuminate pathways with petals and soft candlelight, guiding guests through a magical journey throughout the venue.


Incorporating lights into table settings

Tiny candles or lanterns amidst floral arrangements on tables not only provide light but add to the fantastical atmosphere.


Tip #5: Choose Whimsical Accessories


floral crown


Flower crowns and hairpieces

Nothing screams ‘fairy tale’ quite like a flower crown. Whether it’s a dainty piece with small blossoms or a statement crown with large blooms, it’s sure to make heads turn.


Floral-themed jewelry

Consider floral-themed jewelry, like rosebud earrings or a necklace with a floral pendant, to subtly carry the theme.


Embellished shoes and bags with floral motifs

From floral-embroidered shoes to clutches with blossom appliqués, these details can beautifully echo the wedding’s theme.


Tip #6: Personalize with Unique Floral Scents


pastel colors, bouquet, perfume, heels


Crafting a signature wedding scent

Work with a perfumer to craft a unique scent that encapsulates your theme. This fragrance can be used subtly throughout the venue.


Scented candles or essential oil diffusers

Infuse the venue with floral-scented candles or diffusers to immerse guests in a fragrant whimsical world.


Floral-scented giveaways or favors

Gift guests mini floral perfumes, scented sachets, or candles as a memento of your fragrant fairy-tale day.


Tip #7: Consider Seasonality and Sustainability


seasonality and sustainability


Opting for local and seasonal blooms

Supporting local florists and choosing in-season flowers reduces environmental impact and ensures the freshest blooms.


Repurposing flowers post-wedding

Consider donating flowers post-event or repurposing them into keepsakes or gifts, ensuring minimal waste.


Eco-friendly decor options

From biodegradable confetti to sustainably sourced decorations, every eco-friendly choice contributes to a greener planet.



whimsical decorations


Whimsical floral weddings are more than just a trend; they’re a testament to the timeless allure of nature intertwined with fantasy. As couples embark on this journey, it’s essential to remember that every little detail, infused with personal touches and creativity, contributes to crafting a day that’s both magical and uniquely theirs.

In the heart of every whimsical floral wedding lies the delicate art of choosing the right flowers to bring your dreamy vision to life. Every petal, hue, and arrangement matters in crafting your fairy-tale narrative. If you’re ready to embark on this enchanting journey, allow Bourkes Florist to be your trusted guide. With years of expertise in curating dream-like floral settings, we promise not only the best blooms but also a seamless delivery experience. Ready to blossom your big day? Order your flowers from Bourkes Florist and watch your whimsical wedding dreams come true.



Q: How much does a whimsical floral wedding typically cost?

The cost varies significantly based on factors like location, flower choices, and scale. On average, couples might spend 8-10% of their wedding budget on florals, but whimsical themes might push this higher due to elaborate installations.


Q: Can I DIY a whimsical floral theme or should I hire professionals?

While DIY can add a personal touch and be budget-friendly, the intricacy of whimsical themes might require expert hands, especially for larger installations.


Q: What are the best flowers to use for a whimsical theme?

Peonies, roses, hydrangeas, ranunculus, and baby’s breath are popular. However, the best choices depend on the season and personal preferences.


Q: How can I make my whimsical floral wedding environmentally friendly?

Opt for local and seasonal flowers, reduce floral waste by repurposing, and choose eco-friendly decor and confetti.


Q: What are some alternatives to fresh flowers for a whimsical theme?

Silk flowers, dried flowers, paper flowers, or even non-floral elements like ferns, succulents, and moss can be explored.

7 Tips to Create a Stunning Whimsical Floral Wedding

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