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Do Flower Gifts Really Make People Happier?

The Science Behind Happiness and Flowers

The History of Flower Gifting


Recent studies have emphasised the immediate happiness receiving flowers can bring. In one study, participants expressed “true” or “excited” smiles upon receiving flowers, indicating profound pleasure and gratitude. Moreover, flowers have been linked to improved mood and reduced anxiety, making them powerful mood enhancers. Their presence in spaces like homes or offices can increase contact with family and friends, promoting social interaction and improved relationships.


How Colour Influences Your Mood

The colour of flowers plays a critical role in their mood-enhancing properties. Different colours evoke different emotions: reds are passionate and energising, blues and lavenders are calming, and yellows and oranges are uplifting and cheerful. A bouquet’s colour palette can be customised to the emotion one wishes to convey, making the gift even more personal and touching.


Scent and its Connection to Memory and Emotion

The Science Behind Happiness and Flowers


The aroma of flowers can have a profound impact on our emotions. Floral scents like lavender are known to have calming effects, while the smell of roses can elevate mood. Moreover, our olfactory response is closely linked to memory. A specific flower’s fragrance can transport someone back to a cherished memory, amplifying the joy of the present moment.


Practical Tips for Gifting Flowers

Practical Tips for Gifting Flowers


Choosing the right flowers for the occasion

Selecting the appropriate flowers can amplify the joy they bring. Research the recipient’s preferences, consider the seasonality of flowers and factor in the emotion you wish to convey. Red roses are classic for romance, while sunflowers might be perfect for cheering someone up.


Personalising your bouquet for added significance

A personalised touch – a hand-written note, the recipient’s favourite flower, or a unique arrangement style – can make your floral gift stand out and resonate more deeply with the recipient.


Ensuring freshness and longevity of your floral gift

Opt for locally sourced flowers, as they tend to be fresher. Additionally, provide care instructions to the recipient, ensuring the flowers remain vibrant for as long as possible.


Everyday vs. Special Occasion: Does the Occasion Matter?

flowers and gifts


The joy of spontaneous flower gifts

While flowers are traditionally associated with special occasions, there’s undeniable happiness in receiving them unexpectedly. A spontaneous bouquet on a regular day can turn the mundane into the extraordinary, reminding the recipient of the giver’s affection and thoughtfulness.


Commemorative occasions and the emotional weight of flowers

Flowers carry added weight on milestone days – anniversaries, birthdays, or graduations. They symbolise the day’s significance, marking it with beauty and grace. In such contexts, flowers become more than just a gift; they are a poignant reminder of shared memories and the journey travelled together.


Flower Arrangements for Gift-Giving

enchanted cottage


Enchanted Cottage” Flower Arrangement

The “Enchanted Cottage” flower arrangement is a charming and elegant choice for a gift, perfect for various occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries or simply as a thoughtful gesture. This arrangement typically evokes a sense of whimsy and rustic elegance, reminiscent of a fairytale cottage surrounded by a blooming garden. Here are some key elements to consider if you’re looking to create or order an Enchanted Cottage flower arrangement:

  • Color Palette: Soft, pastel colours often define this arrangement. Think of gentle pinks, lavenders, creamy whites, and muted greens. These colours contribute to the dreamy, fairytale-like quality of the contract.
  • Flower Selection: Choose flowers that are delicate and romantic. Roses (especially in soft pink or white), hydrangeas, lisianthus, lavender, and peonies are great choices. You can also include some wildflower varieties for a more natural, garden-inspired look.
  • Greenery and Foliage: Incorporate lush greenery to give the arrangement a natural, garden-like feel. Eucalyptus, ferns, ivy, or even sprigs of herbs like rosemary or mint can add a fresh touch.
  • Texture and Layers: An Enchanted Cottage arrangement should have a variety of surfaces. Mix in different types of flowers and foliage to create depth and interest. The contract should feel as though it’s been freshly gathered from a blooming garden.
  • Container: Opt for a container that complements the rustic and whimsical theme. A wooden basket, a vintage-style vase, or even a distressed metal container can enhance the overall look.
  • Accent Details: For a touch of whimsy, consider adding elements like a small bird’s nest, decorative butterflies, or a ribbon in a soft, complementary colour.
  • Fragrance: If possible, include some fragrant flowers like roses or lilacs to add a sensory experience to the gift.
  • Size and Shape: An Enchanted Cottage arrangement often has a relaxed, slightly unstructured shape, mimicking how flowers might grow naturally in a garden.


The “Wowee” Flower Arrangement


The visual spectacle and its emotional appeal

The sight of a grand flower arrangement can be genuinely breathtaking. A large, thoughtfully curated bouquet dazzles the eyes and amplifies the emotions of receiving flowers. The effort and thought behind such a magnificent arrangement communicate a depth of feeling that smaller bouquets might not capture as intensely.


Surprises and their magnified emotional responses

There’s an intrinsic joy in surprises. Receiving an unexpected “wowee” bouquet can amplify this joy exponentially. Such a gesture’s sheer extravagance and unpredictability can evoke strong, positive emotional responses, making the recipient feel immensely special and cherished.


Longevity of the floral experience

Due to their sheer volume and variety, grand flower arrangements often last longer than smaller bouquets. Each day, as flowers bloom and evolve, they offer a fresh perspective and continuous joy, extending the happiness they bring far beyond the moment of receipt.


Why Choose Bourkes Florist?

The power of flower gifts in boosting happiness and brightening someone’s day is undeniable. From their vibrant colours to their enchanting fragrances, flowers uniquely convey emotions and create lasting memories. If you’re inspired to spread joy and show your affection, why not let Bourkes Florist help you make that impactful gesture? With our exquisite selection and reliable delivery service, you can effortlessly choose the perfect floral arrangement to express your sentiments. Don’t wait for a special occasion; make any day extraordinary. Place your order now!




Q: How do I choose the best flowers to make someone happy?

Consider the recipient’s favourite colours, flowers, and the emotion you want to convey. Aligning these factors with the occasion can lead to a perfect choice.


Q: Do certain flowers have specific meanings attached to them?

Yes, flowers have been imbued with symbolism for centuries. Roses typically symbolise love, lilies convey purity, and sunflowers represent adoration.


Q: How can I ensure the flowers I gift stay fresh longer?

Opt for fresh, in-season flowers. Additionally, providing the recipient with care instructions, like changing water regularly and keeping them away from direct sunlight, can help prolong their life.


Q: Are there people who might not appreciate a flower gift?

While many love flowers, some might have allergies or cultural reservations. It’s always a good idea to gauge preferences before gifting.

Do Flower Gifts Really Make People Happier?

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