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What Flowers to Give on Each Anniversary?

Anniversaries are special milestones in our lives, marking another year of love and memories shared. But why not make them even more memorable by adding the beauty of flowers? Each year of marriage has its own special flower, adding a touch of charm and sentiment to your celebration. So, which flowers should you choose for each anniversary? Let’s find out!


Flowers for the Early Years (1st to 10th)

Flowers for the Early Years (1st to 10th Anniversary)

1st Anniversary – Carnations

The first anniversary is a time of tender affection and budding romance. Carnations, with their delicate petals and sweet fragrances, symbolize young and passionate love, making them the perfect choice for this milestone.

2nd Anniversary – Cosmos

As you enter your second year of marriage, cosmos flowers are an excellent choice. Their vibrant colours represent the joy and harmony of a growing relationship, while their delicate appearance reflects the still-developing bond between partners.

3rd Anniversary – Sunflowers

Sunflowers, with their bright and sunny disposition, symbolize the warmth and strength of a maturing relationship. As you celebrate your third anniversary, these cheerful blooms remind you to bask in the radiance of your love.

4th Anniversary – Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are perfect for the fourth anniversary, representing gratitude, appreciation, and heartfelt emotions. Their lush blooms and abundant petals mirror the depth of your growing connection.

5th Anniversary – Daisies

The fifth anniversary marks a significant milestone, and daisies are the quintessential flowers to celebrate this occasion. Daisies symbolise innocence, purity, and loyal love, which reflect the enduring commitment and joy of half a decade together.

6th Anniversary – Calla

Lilies As you reach your sixth anniversary, calla lilies make a sophisticated and elegant choice. These graceful flowers symbolise beauty, purity, and the renewal of vows, reaffirming your commitment to each other.

7th Anniversary – Freesias

Freesias are the ideal choice for the seventh anniversary, symbolizing trust, friendship, and the promise of a happy future. Their delicate fragrance and vibrant colours evoke the excitement of new beginnings.

8th Anniversary – Lilacs

Lilacs are associated with the eighth anniversary, representing the enchantment and first emotions of love. Their intoxicating scent and delicate blooms capture the essence of romance and passion.

9th Anniversary – Bird of Paradise

As you approach your ninth anniversary, consider gifting Bird of Paradise flowers. Symbolizing freedom, adventure, and new beginnings, these exotic blooms reflect the excitement of your journey together.

10th Anniversary -Daffodils

The 10th anniversary is a significant milestone, and daffodils are the perfect flowers to mark this occasion. Symbolizing rebirth, new beginnings, and eternal life, daffodils embody the enduring love and commitment that has blossomed over the past decade.


Flowers for the Milestone Years (11th to 20th)

11th Anniversary - Tulips

11th Anniversary – Tulips

Tulips are associated with the 11th anniversary, symbolizing elegance, grace, and the deepening of love. Their vibrant colours and classic beauty reflect the enduring bond between partners.


12th Anniversary – Peonies

Anniversary - Peonies

As you celebrate your 12th anniversary, peonies make a stunning choice. Symbolizing romance, prosperity, and good fortune, peonies are a testament to the abundance of love that continues to flourish.


13th Anniversary – Chrysanthemums

Anniversary - Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are the traditional flowers for the 13th anniversary, representing fidelity, longevity, and joy. Their vibrant colours and intricate petals symbolize the depth of your commitment to each other.


14th Anniversary – Orchids

14th Anniversary - Orchids

Orchids are associated with the 14th anniversary, symbolizing love, beauty, and strength. Their exotic allure and delicate blooms reflect the unique and enduring bond between partners.


15th Anniversary – Roses

Flowers for Anniversary

The 15th anniversary is a momentous occasion, and roses are the quintessential flowers to celebrate this milestone. Roses symbolise love, passion, and romance and are a timeless expression of affection and devotion.


16th Anniversary – Peruvian Lilies

Peruvian lilies are the perfect choice for the 16th anniversary, symbolizing devotion, friendship, and mutual respect. Their vibrant colours and delicate petals capture the essence of your enduring partnership.


17th Anniversary – Red Carnations

Red carnations are associated with the 17th anniversary, symbolizing deep love, admiration, and affection. Their rich hues and velvety petals evoke the passion and intensity of your relationship.


18th Anniversary – Blue Violets

Blue violets are the traditional flowers for the 18th anniversary, representing faithfulness, trust, and loyalty. Their delicate blooms and serene colours convey the depth of your enduring commitment.


19th Anniversary – Asters

Asters are associated with the 19th anniversary, symbolizing wisdom, appreciation, and fond memories. Their cheerful blooms and vibrant colours remind you to cherish your shared journey.


20th Anniversary – Daylilies

The 20th anniversary is a significant milestone, and daylilies are the perfect flowers to commemorate this occasion. Daylilies symbolise everlasting love, passion, and commitment, a beautiful reminder of the bond you’ve nurtured over the past two decades.


Flowers for the Golden Years (21st to 50th)

21st Anniversary - Fire and Ice Roses

21st Anniversary – Fire and Ice Roses

Fire and Ice roses are associated with the 21st anniversary, symbolising passion, desire, and the enduring flame of love. Their contrasting colours and striking beauty reflect the depth of your relationship.


22nd Anniversary – Green Roses

22nd Anniversary - Green Roses

Green roses are the perfect choice for the 22nd anniversary, representing growth, harmony, and balance. Their unique colour and timeless elegance mirror the strength and resilience of your partnership.


23rd Anniversary – Silver Iris

23rd Anniversary - Silver Iris

Silver irises are associated with the 23rd anniversary, symbolizing wisdom, courage, and admiration. Their striking blooms and vibrant hues reflect the beauty and depth of your enduring love.


24th Anniversary – Lavender Roses

24th Anniversary - Lavender Roses

Lavender roses are the traditional flowers for the 24th anniversary, representing enchantment, grace, and elegance. Their delicate fragrance and soft hues evoke the romance and passion of your relationship.


25th Anniversary – Silver Roses

25th Anniversary - Silver Roses

The 25th anniversary, also known as the silver anniversary, is a momentous occasion, and silver roses are the perfect flowers to celebrate this milestone. Symbolizing love, purity, and eternity, silver roses are a timeless expression of devotion and commitment.


30th Anniversary – Lily

 30th Anniversary - Lily

The 30th anniversary is a significant milestone, and lilies are the perfect flowers to mark this occasion. Lilies symbolise devotion, purity, and beauty and are a beautiful reminder of the love that continues to bloom and flourish.


40th Anniversary – Gladiolus

40th Anniversary - Gladiolus Gladiolus

Flowers are associated with the 40th anniversary, symbolising strength, integrity, and perseverance. Their tall, elegant stems and vibrant blooms reflect the resilience and enduring bond between partners.


50th Anniversary – Yellow Roses and Violets

50th Anniversary - Yellow Roses and Violets

The 50th anniversary, also known as the golden anniversary, is a remarkable milestone, and yellow roses and violets are the traditional flowers to celebrate this occasion. Yellow roses symbolise friendship, joy, and the promise of a golden future, while violets represent loyalty, devotion, and everlasting love. Together, they embody the enduring partnership and cherished memories of half a century.



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Q: What color should anniversary flowers be?

There’s no set rule for anniversary flower colors. It’s all about what you like and what message you want to send. Typically, red symbolizes love and passion, while white represents purity, pink is for admiration, and yellow signifies friendship and joy.

Q: What is the 1st anniversary symbol?

Paper is the traditional symbol for the 1st anniversary. It symbolizes the fresh and flexible nature of a new marriage, like a blank canvas waiting to be filled with memories.

What Flowers to Give on Each Anniversary

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