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Valentine’s Day Flower Guide: Flowers that Represent Love

Flowers for Valentine’s Day

Flowers for Valentine's Day


Every year, as the calendar flips to February 14th, the world immerses itself in a celebration of love and affection known as Valentine’s Day. This tradition, with its deep-rooted history that goes back to the ancient Roman festivals, has seen various customs come and go, but one has stood the test of time – the tradition of giving flowers. The act of gifting flowers goes beyond their aesthetic appeal. With their wide array of colours and scents, flowers encapsulate the various shades and intricacies of love. This means that the type and colour of flower you choose has the power to communicate emotions more profoundly than words can capture.


The Timeless Rose

When one thinks of love and flowers, the rose invariably comes to mind.

Roses, in their numerous hues, narrate tales of different emotions. The fiery red speaks of intense passion and deep-seated love. On the other hand, pristine white roses convey purity and innocence, while the cheerful yellow ones are a tribute to friendship and joy. It’s intriguing how a simple colour change can alter the message a rose delivers. This versatility, especially of the red rose, which is a profound declaration of love, has etched its place as a Valentine’s Day essential.


How to Choose the Perfect Rose

Choosing a rose goes beyond its colour. Several factors converge to make a rose perfect. Its freshness is paramount, a sign of the vitality of your feelings. Reputed local florists are often a trusted source of fresh roses. While the grandeur of a large rose might be tempting, the depth of one’s feelings isn’t measured in the size of the bloom but in its significance. The presentation also matters; be it an opulent bouquet, a minimalist single stem, or a contemporary arrangement, it should echo the preferences of the recipient.


Other Flowers That Symbolise Love

flowers that symbolise love


Though roses are a quintessential choice, the world of flowers is vast and diverse, offering other beautiful ways to say ‘I love you’.


Tulips: A Modern Expression of Love



Tulips, characterized by their minimalist elegance and a palette of vibrant colours, have become increasingly popular. A bouquet of red tulips is akin to saying ‘you’re my true love’, while the regal purple ones echo sentiments of royalty and nobility. Their rising prominence in Valentine’s bouquets points to an evolving taste in romantic gestures.


Lilies: Elegant Symbols of Beauty and Passion



Lilies, especially in shades of red and white, are visual and olfactory delights. While red lilies are a testament to fiery passion, white ones epitomize pure and untainted love. Their dramatic blossoms and enchanting aroma make them a favourite among those who seek elegance and profundity.


Orchids: Exotic and Lasting Love



Orchids, with their delicate structure and resilience, symbolize a love that’s both exotic and enduring. Their prolonged bloom time is a reminder of love’s lasting nature, making them an offbeat yet poignant choice for Valentine’s.


Daisies: Innocent and Loyal Love



Daisies, in their unpretentious beauty, stand for innocence and unwavering love. A bouquet of daisies captures the essence of a love that’s young at heart.


Sunflowers: Adoration and Longevity



Sunflowers, with their towering stems and sunny faces, are a celebration of adoration and lasting happiness. Gifting them signifies a bright and constant love.


Tips for Buying and Preserving Your Valentine’s Flowers

buying bouquet


Ensuring Freshness and Longevity

Flowers, though cut, can be preserved to last longer with a little care. Placing them in a sanitized vase filled with fresh water, away from direct sunlight and drafts, can enhance their lifespan. Flower preservatives, available at florists, can also be a boon.


Personal Touches

The beauty of gifting flowers lies in personalization. Incorporating the recipient’s favourite flowers or adding a handwritten note can transform a bouquet from beautiful to unforgettable. It’s these little gestures that show genuine care and thoughtfulness.


Making a Sustainable Choice with Eco-friendly Flowers

flower shop


As we become more environmentally conscious, it’s vital to consider the ecological footprint of our choices, including flowers. Sustainable flower farming not only reduces environmental degradation but also ensures the well-being of those involved in cultivation.


How to Find and Choose Eco-friendly Bouquets

Sustainability certifications like Fair Trade or the Rainforest Alliance are indicators of eco-friendly flower choices. Such certifications guarantee that the flowers have been grown with minimal environmental impact and adhere to ethical labour practices.


Why Not Order Flowers from Bourkes Florist?

For a heartfelt Valentine’s Day expression, turn to Bourkes Florist. They offer a variety of beautiful flowers that speak the language of love. Make your Valentine’s Day memorable with our selection of expertly crafted bouquets, transforming the act of gifting flowers into a special experience. Trust Bourkes Florist to convey your love with unmatched beauty and grace this Valentine’s Day. Order now!




Q: Why do we give flowers on Valentine’s Day?

Flowers have historically symbolized fertility, love, and affection, and over time, this symbolism seamlessly merged with the Valentine’s Day tradition1.


Q: How can I ensure I’m getting fresh flowers?

Purchasing from a reputable florist and inspecting the flowers for firm petals and vibrant green stems can vouch for their freshness.


Q: Can I mix and match different flowers to create my bouquet?

Absolutely! Personalizing your bouquet by mixing different flowers can convey a bespoke message of love tailored for your loved one.


Q: How long do roses typically last once cut?

With adequate care, such as keeping them in fresh water and away from direct sunlight, roses can remain vibrant for a week or even longer.


Q: Are there any non-traditional flowers that can also represent love?

Indeed, several flowers like the alstroemeria, symbolizing unwavering devotion, and the ranunculus, representing charm, are non-traditional yet poignant expressions of love.


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