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15 Sympathy Messages for Funeral Flowers


Sympathy Messages for Funeral Flowers

Losing a loved one is never easy, and finding the right words to express your condolences can be even more challenging. When sending funeral flowers, it’s important to accompany them with a heartfelt message that conveys your sympathy and support to the grieving family and friends. In this blog post, we’ll explore 15 sympathy messages for funeral flowers, providing inspiration and guidance on what to write during such a difficult time.


Proper Sympathy Messages for Funeral Flowers

Proper sympathy messages for funeral flowers are important in expressing condolences and comforting grieving individuals. Here’s why:

  1. Expression of Support: Sympathy messages convey support and solidarity to those mourning the loss of a loved one. They assure the bereaved that they are not alone in their grief and that others think of them during this difficult time.
  2. Offering Comfort: Thoughtfully crafted messages offer comfort and solace to grieving individuals. They provide emotional support and reassurance, reminding the bereaved that their feelings of sadness and loss are valid.
  3. Honouring the Deceased: Sympathy messages pay tribute to the life and memory of the deceased. They acknowledge the significance of the person who has passed away and the impact they had on the lives of others.
  4. Encouraging Reflection: Sympathy messages encourage reflection and reminiscence about the deceased. They prompt mourners to cherish memories and celebrate the life lived, fostering healing and acceptance in the grieving process.
  5. Facilitating Communication: Sending sympathy enables open communication between the sender and the recipient. It provides an avenue for expressing condolences and offering support, even when physical distance may prevent direct interaction.
  6. Symbolic Gesture: Accompanying funeral flowers with a heartfelt message symbolises care, empathy, and respect for the grieving individual and their loss. It demonstrates thoughtfulness and consideration for their emotional well-being.
  7. Long-lasting Remembrance: Well-crafted sympathy messages create a lasting impression and serve as a cherished keepsake for the bereaved. They offer enduring comfort and serve as a reminder of the support and compassion received during a time of loss.


Finding the Right Words for Funeral Messages

Finding the Right Words for Funeral Messages

Sending flowers to a funeral is a meaningful gesture showing your support and sympathy for mourning. However, including a thoughtful message with the flowers is equally important to express your condolences. Here are some heartfelt messages you can consider:


Funeral Flower Messages for Family

 Messages for Funeral Flowers for Family

  1. Our deepest condolences during this difficult time. May these flowers bring a little comfort and warmth to your family.
  2. In loving memory of [Name], may these flowers symbolise our everlasting love and support for your family.
  3. With heartfelt sympathy, we send these sympathy flowers as a token of our love and support. Our thoughts are with you during this challenging time.


Funeral Flower Messages for a Friend

Messages for Funeral Flowers for a Friend

  1. Remembering [Name] with fond memories and sending these flowers symbolise our friendship and support. We’re here for you always.
  2. “Wishing you strength and comfort during this time of loss. These flowers are a small gesture to express our deepest condolences and unwavering support.
  3. “May these flowers serve as a reminder that you’re not alone in your grief. We’re here for you, holding you close in our thoughts and prayers.


Other Sympathy Messages for Funerals

  1. “In loving memory of [Name]. Forever in our hearts.”
  2. “With deepest sympathies, may [Name] rest in peace.”
  3. “Sending heartfelt condolences during this difficult time.”
  4. “Wishing you peace and comfort amid sorrow.”
  5. “Remembering [Name] with fondness and love.”
  6. “May the memories of [Name] bring you solace.”
  7. “In loving memory of a life well-lived.”
  8. “Thinking of you and your family during this time of loss.”
  9. “With heartfelt condolences on your loss.”
  10. “May the love of those around you provide strength and comfort.”
  11. “With deepest sympathy for your loss.”
  12. “In loving memory of someone who touched so many lives.”
  13. “May you find peace and healing amid grief.”
  14. “Thinking of you and sending love as you say goodbye.”
  15. “With love and condolences, may [Name]’s memory be eternal.”



Express Condolences with Bourkes Florist

Whether you’re expressing condolences to family members or friends, it’s essential to convey your empathy and support genuinely. If you want to convey your condolences with a thoughtful arrangement, consider ordering flowers from Bourkes Florist. Our dedicated team understands the importance of sympathy messages and will ensure your sentiments are conveyed with care and compassion. Let us help you honour the memory of your loved one and provide comfort to those who need it most. Place your order today.



Q: What Should I Write on Funeral Flowers for Family?

A: When writing messages for funeral flowers for family, it’s essential to convey your heartfelt condolences and offer support during their grief. You can include phrases like “Our deepest condolences during this difficult time” or “With heartfelt sympathy, we send these flowers as a token of our love and support.”

Q: What Should I Write on Funeral Flowers for a Friend?

A: When sending funeral flowers for a friend, you can express your condolences and support with messages like “Remembering [Name] with fond memories” or “Wishing you strength and comfort during this time of loss.” It’s essential to convey your friendship and solidarity during their need.

Q: How Do I Choose the Right Words for Funeral Messages?

A: Choosing the right words for funeral messages can be challenging, but it’s essential to express your sympathy and support sincerely. Consider your relationship with the deceased or the grieving family member or friend and tailor your message accordingly. Speak from the heart, and your words will provide comfort and solace during their time of mourning.

15 Sympathy Messages for Funeral Flowers

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