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Purple Wedding Flowers: A Regal Choice for Your Big Day

Purple Flowers for Wedding

Purple Flowers for Wedding


The rich, enchanting hue of purple has captivated hearts for generations. Its allure is universal, transcending boundaries, and cultures. Representing a blend of the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red, purple signifies a myriad of emotions and themes – from luxury and ambition to mystery and magic. In the context of weddings, purple exudes an undeniably royal charm, making any matrimonial event stand out with a touch of regality. As we dive deeper into this guide, we’ll unearth the profound significance of purple, especially when adorned as a floral beauty, and how its presence can elevate the aura of your big day.


The Historical Significance of Purple

purple flowers


The Royal Connection

Long before purple became easily accessible, it was a symbol of affluence and aristocracy. The reason was simple: the process of extracting purple dye was extremely tedious, involving thousands of specific sea snails. The colour became synonymous with royalty because of the exorbitant cost involved in its production. Only the highest echelons of society, particularly monarchs, could afford garments of this shade. This connection with royalty has survived the tests of time, making purple a perpetual emblem of luxury, grandeur, and power.


Purple in Culture and Mythology

Purple’s impact isn’t just limited to its royal connection. If we embark on a global voyage, we find that this colour is steeped in cultural and mythical significance. From the robes of Roman senators to the attire of Japanese aristocrats, purple has consistently held a place of importance. Many cultures view it as a conduit between the realms of life and death, making it a poignant hue of introspection, spirituality, and transformation.


Why Choose Purple Flowers for Your Wedding?

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Symbolism of Purple

It speaks volumes without uttering a word. By choosing purple flowers for your wedding, you’re making a statement. The colour not only reflects luxury and ambition but also encompasses deeper emotions like wisdom, creativity, and independence. Purple, in essence, weaves a narrative that combines both aesthetic charm and emotional depth, making it a perfect choice for occasions celebrating love and commitment.


Versatility in Wedding Themes

Purple’s magic lies in its adaptability. Regardless of the theme you’re envisioning for your wedding – be it a vintage soirée, a rustic barn festivity, or a contemporary urban gala – purple can seamlessly find its place. With its spectrum ranging from the soft hues of lilac to the deep tones of plum or eggplant, there’s a shade of purple to resonate with every ambience and mood.


Seasonal Availability

Another feather in purple’s cap is its perennial availability. Each season has its signature purple bloom. Springtime brings forth lilacs, summer has its lavenders, fall boasts of purple dahlias, and winter showcases deep violets. This year-round availability ensures that brides are never left wanting when choosing purple as their central theme.


Popular Purple Wedding Flowers


purple flowers


Roses have always been symbols of love, and when tinted in purple, they take on an additional layer of meaning. Lavender roses, in particular, represent enchantment and the promise of new beginnings. From the delicate lilacs to the intense shades of eggplant, purple roses can seamlessly fit any wedding setting, rendering an ambience of passion, romance, and allure.





More than just flowers, lavenders are an experience. Their visual appeal is complemented by a calming aroma, turning any wedding décor from just beautiful to enchantingly aromatic. Representing serenity, grace, and calmness, they not only beautify the setting but also add a sensory touch, evoking feelings of tranquillity.





The very mention of orchids brings forth images of exotic charm and sophisticated elegance. Purple orchids, with their mesmerizing form and vibrant colour, stand for respect, admiration, and dignity. They are a testament to the uniqueness and beauty of the bond shared by the couple.


Other Noteworthy Purple Blooms

While roses, lavenders, and orchids are popular choices, the world of purple flowers is vast. Violets stand for loyalty, irises embody hope and wisdom, and the delicate lisianthus symbolizes gratitude and charisma. Each flower, with its unique shade and significance, has the power to make your wedding decor resonate with beauty and emotion.


Combining Purple with Other Colors


white with purple flower bouquet


Purple and White

There’s a timeless elegance in the union of purple and white. The purity and simplicity of white beautifully complement the depth and intensity of purple, creating a balance that is both visually striking and symbolically profound.


Purple and Gold

When purple joins hands with gold, the result is sheer opulence. This combination screams luxury, royalty, and grandeur. Perfect for those aiming for a lavish setting, this pairing guarantees a wedding that will be remembered for its glamour and glitz.


Purple and Green

For a more earthy, nature-inspired vibe, blending purple with green is ideal. It brings forth images of blooming meadows and fresh springs, making it a refreshing choice, especially for spring or summer weddings.


Tips for Using Purple Flowers in Your Wedding Decor


Centrepieces and Table Arrangements

Yellow Centrepieces


An intriguing way to use purple flowers in your decor is by crafting captivating centrepieces. Consider tall blooms like delphiniums or gladiolus for a dramatic effect. For a softer touch, mix purple with pastel shades or white flowers and place them in rustic wooden containers or ornate vases. The key is to create a visual focus that draws attention and admiration.


Bridal Bouquets

Your bridal bouquet is an extension of your persona. Mixing various shades of purple, complemented by hints of whites or greens, can make it a mesmerizing accessory. Intersperse with greenery or succulents for added texture, ensuring the bouquet is not just beautiful but also meaningful.


Aisle and Altar Decorations

As guests walk down the aisle or set their eyes on the altar, make them marvel at the beauty of your decor. Scatter petals of purple roses along the aisle, and for the altar, craft large arrangements combining both light and dark shades of purple. Accentuate with flowing drapes or greenery to create a breathtaking backdrop.


Caring for Purple Flowers Pre-Wedding


Storage and Preservation

To ensure your purple flowers retain their splendour, store them in a cool, dark sanctuary away from direct sunlight. Hydration is the key to their longevity. Place the stems in water and consider using floral preservatives to retain their freshness and vibrancy.


Handling and Arrangement

Flowers, especially for significant occasions, must be handled with care. Always grasp them by the stems, avoiding contact with the delicate petals. While arranging, trim the stems at an angle, promoting better water intake and prolonging their beauty.




group of purple flowers


The allure of purple is timeless. Its history, symbolism, and sheer beauty make it a favoured choice for weddings. As we’ve explored its depth and significance, it’s evident that incorporating purple into your wedding isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about weaving a tapestry of love, luxury, and memories that last a lifetime.

As you plan your nuptials and envision a day imbued with elegance and regality, purple wedding flowers undoubtedly stand out as an exceptional choice. Not only do they represent passion, love, and luxury, but they also offer a wide spectrum of shades to complement any wedding theme or style.

At Bourkes Florist, we’re dedicated in making your dream wedding flowers. Don’t leave your special day to chance; ensure it’s adorned with the finest purple flowers. Order your stunning purple wedding flowers from Bourkes Florist today and let us deliver the essence of regality right to your venue. Your fairy tale deserves nothing less.



Q: Is purple a good choice for both daytime and nighttime weddings?

Absolutely! Purple’s versatility ensures it gleams under the sun and shimmers under moonlit skies, making it adaptable for any time of the day.


Q: How can I ensure my purple flowers remain vibrant throughout the event?

Proper hydration, protection from direct sunlight, and the use of flower-preserving sprays can ensure your blooms remain fresh and radiant.


Q: What are some budget-friendly purple flower options?

Flowers like statice, asters, and alstroemeria are affordable yet stunning, providing the desired purple tint without breaking the bank.


Q: Can I mix different shades of purple in my arrangements?

Of course! Layering shades of purple add depth and intrigue to your floral arrangements, making them visually captivating.


Q: Are there cultural nuances to be aware of when using purple flowers in a wedding?

While purple is generally seen in a positive light, understanding the cultural backgrounds of the wedding participants is crucial, as interpretations of colours can vary.

Purple Wedding Flowers: A Regal Choice for Your Big Day

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